Welcome to my blog Abi’s Insights. Abi was my nickname at work and forms part of my surname that people have been calling me for a while now. Speaking of work, in 2015 I decided that I needed a break from the corporate rat race and took 5 months off to spend in Europe starting on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. One of my passions in life is travel and my plan was not to plan on this particular trip! The purpose of my holiday was to live like the locals, find my happy place again and share my photos, experiences and discoveries with you. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and since then, I have traveled back to Italy (amongst other places) and will be moving Sorrento in May 2017 for a year to study my passions and make my dreams come true.


This photo was taken in Capri in 2014 on a boat trip. It was this particular excursion that left a lasting impression and the desire for me to go back began not long after…

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